When Children Grieve

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funeral homes in Dewey OKAs we are dealing with our own sadness, we must assist an innocent youngster in dealing with his or her own grief. We wish to protect our children from life’s sorrows from the minute we hear their cries. Families can begin healing together by providing support, having honest talks, and finding methods to keep the person’s memory alive, which funeral homes in Dewey OK are also aiding.

We understand that we cannot control everything in life, especially loss and death. However, there are seven things we can do to assist mourning children.

Providing security through normal boundaries and routines

We can provide reliability wherever feasible when a child’s world is turned upside down due to loss. It is actually more beneficial to maintain a family’s typical norms and consequences rather than allowing your youngster to make decisions.

Children benefit much from having clear expectations. Even if they disagree, they enjoy knowing that someone is watching out for their advancement and protection.

Adoration & Attention

As you might expect, bereavement can amp up this craving for belonging and meaning. Imagine how your son could question the new family dynamic or his new role in the world if he recently lost a parent or a relative on whom he relied, loved, and looked up to.

We must prioritize daily one-on-one time with mourning children, doing something they are interested in.

Leave behind Certain Expectations

It’s difficult to know what to expect from a grieving children at any particular time, or what seemingly innocuous activity can set off an intense reaction. Just keep in mind that your child’s out-of-character behavior does not necessarily portend a future of rebellion and power struggles–it’s most likely just sadness speaking.

Modeling Your Emotions While Managing Them

We should be allowed to acknowledge pain, but we also want to educate mourning children that it is possible to handle pain, no matter how unbelievable it may appear at times.

We must also assist them in finding healthy outlets for their pain.

Identifying Grief Outlets

When children’s sadness, fear, and rage become unbearable, it’s useful to provide safe and effective ways for them to express themselves. A child may want to talk about grief for a long time or may not want to talk about it at all. Whether it’s daily journal writing, or finger painting, creative expression is a great way to cope with loss.funeral homes in Dewey OK

Relieving Children of Guilt

Many children feel responsible for loss, whether it is the result of a divorce or the unexpected death of a parent or a friend.

Anyone experiencing bereavement is likely to experience misplaced guilt. We blame ourselves and may spend years trying to grasp that it wasn’t our fault in the first place.

Children are no exception. They must be informed, sometimes again, that they are not to blame for the loss. Even if your teen’s friend perished in a car accident on her way to your house after your daughter invited her over, she must understand that she did not cause the accident. It isn’t her fault.

Seeking External Resources

Whatever pain your child is experiencing, I strongly advise you to seek outside assistance. It could be a therapist, a support group, or a spiritual leader.

Funeral services in Dewey, OK can also help set you up with bereavement therapy, bereavement support, and other services are available to help you deal with your feelings in the aftermath of the death of a loved one.

Today our family remains dedicated to honoring your loved ones with care and understanding. Dedicated to the core values of integrity, respect, loyal relationships and excellence in service, we apply these values to our interactions with your family and our co-workers to provide the finest funeral and cremation options for families like yours every day since 1966.


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