Scattering Cremated Remains

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There are different things that you can do with the cremated remains of a loved one, but one of the most popular options is to scatter them. If you have lost a loved one and if they wanted to be cremated, you may be wondering about the best options. To help you through this process and to ensure that you find the best scattering options, you can turn to a Nowata, OK cremation service provider for a bit of guidance.

One option that many people choose is to have a casting ceremony. This kind of ceremony releases the cremated remains into the air. It is the classic option and one that lots of people choose each year. Most locations make it possible to do this, though if you want to scatter the remains on private land, you will need to get permission from the owners. If you want a therapeutic option that is simple yet meaningful, this can be the right choice.

Another option you have is for scattering cremated remains is raking them. There are sand pits and gardens that are made especially for this. It is a choice growing in popularity, so there are lots of cemeteries that have locations for this. A raking involves placing the cremated remains in the earth or sand and raking them together until they blend. It is a very therapeutic option and one that gives you time to say a few words, read passages, or just say your goodbyes. If you do not know where the best place is for this kind of ceremony, you will want to ask the provider of cremation services you have chosen, since they will have the contacts to help you.

Nowata, OK cremation serviceYou can also plan a water ceremony for a loved one. A water ceremony involves tipping the cremated remains into the ocean, a lake, or a river and it is can give you the catharsis you need to start getting through the loss. You can also place the entire urn with the remains into the water. If that is what you want to do, then you will have to purchase a biodegradable urn that can dissolve in the water. These can be made of wicker, clay, salt, and even seaweed. By choosing a biodegradable urn, you can make certain that you do not leave anything behind to pollute the water.

Choosing the right way of disposing of your loved one’s cremated remains is essential and it can make a difference to learn a bit about the options you have. Scattering is always an excellent choice, and you can decide between a water ceremony, raking the remains, and casting the remains. They are all excellent options, and they can offer the closure you need. If you want to know more about the options you have, you want to reach out to a Nowata, OK cremation services provider like us. We are ready to help you find the best options for your loved one so be sure to ask about our choices. Give us a call right now or stop by one of our locations to learn more about the services we can offer.

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