Permanent Memorialization

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People in our modern culture are not given adequate time to mourn their losses. Workplace demands, or even the sheer emotional urge to ‘be busy,’ drag the bereaved back into the real world far too quickly.

Furthermore, many families are opting to scatter their loved one’s cremated remains in a preferred location, such as the ocean or even the skies above. While this may seem appropriate at the time, it means you don’t have a continuous place to connect with the memories of the person you so deeply loved.

Having a permanent location – in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden offered by funeral homes in Nowata, OK – where family and friends may visit on a regular basis is an important aspect of the time after death.

Why Is Permanent Memorialization Necessary for Grief?

One of the most terrible experiences we can have in life is grieving the death of a loved one. Aside from a funeral, a permanent homage to your loved one is a wonderful way to support and heal during this difficult time.

Following are some of the main reasons we believe permanent memorialization is vital for grief:

It provides you with something positive to think about.

It can be tough to focus on anything other than your loss in the early stages of sorrow. Choosing a permanent monument for your loved one might help alleviate this melancholy and provide you with a tangible aim or focus. Our trained team can advise you on the various memorial alternatives available, such as a glass-front cremation niche or a stylish urn to contain your loved one’s cremated ashes.

It helps to bring people together.

A permanent monument gives a physical site as well as a peaceful environment for friends and family to visit. Generations to come will be able to pay their respects at the memorial. Perhaps you’d prefer to pay tribute to a loved one somewhere other than their final resting place. A memorial does not have to be set in a cemetery, and our team can lead you through the Bay Area’s other places.

It provides you with options.

funeral homes in Nowata, OKThere are both indoor and outdoor options at the Memorial Park at Cypress Lawn to help you pick the memorial that best suits your needs. When you select a permanent monument for a loved one, you may personalize it with a unique quote or symbol that meant a lot to them. This might assist you in remembering your loved one in a good manner that respects their unique life story. If they enjoyed being outside, for example, an outdoor cremation seat could be the ideal tribute.

Learn more about permanent memorialization. You may contact the funeral home in Nowata, OK staff if you want to learn more about building a permanent tribute for a loved one.

Today our family remains dedicated to honoring your loved ones with care and understanding. Dedicated to the core values of integrity, respect, loyal relationships and excellence in service, we apply these values to our interactions with your family and our co-workers to provide the finest funeral and cremation options for families like yours every day since 1966.


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