How to Write a Funeral Announcement

Posted on January 2, 2023 by Stumpff Funeral Home & Crematory under funeral home
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One of the tasks that you may have to do after the death of a loved one is writing their funeral announcement. Many times, people do not realize that a funeral announcement is not the same as an obituary, and this can make it more complicated to know how to start writing it. Lots of funeral homes offer to do this for you, but if you would like to write the announcement yourself, you will want to know a bit about what you have to include. Here are some suggestions that directors of funeral homes in Dewey, OK, want you to remember.

Think about the information that you need to include. This is usually the dates of birth and death of the person as well as where they lived. You want to also have the information of when the service will take place and where it will be. Some people choose to add something personal at the end, like a quote or a line from a poem or scripture, but you do not have to if you prefer not to.

You want to consider the kind of tone and wording you want to have for the announcement. This can depend on the kind of service you want to have. If you are giving your loved one a celebration of life, it can be wrong to have a funeral announcement that is sombre. You also want to consider if you want to have a public or private service. Public service means that you will want to share the announcement widely, so you want to keep the tone more formal. For a private service, where you will be inviting people, you can have a less formal tone to the announcement.

Another thing you want to do is to remember is that you want to consider the different options you have for posting the announcement. These days, these things can be done online, so if you have a public service, you can announce it on social media so that lots of people can share it and see it. If you prefer a more private option, you can send it to those invited through email or even through the mail. Other people prefer to even have it posted in newspapers. Depend on the service you want to have, one of these options will be better than the others.

funeral homes in Dewey, OKWhen getting ready to write a funeral announcement, you want to remember these simple tips. You do not want to make the announcement very long or confusing, so stick to the dates of the services and the basic information you want people to know. Take the time to read examples of these announcements if you are not sure about aspects of it and remember to consider whether you want to have the announcement be wildly shared or for it to be private. If you want to know more about funeral announcements, you can contact a Dewey, OK funeral home like us. We are here to help you with all of the funerary services you want for a loved one who has passed away. You can call us right now to ask about thse options we offer.

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