How to talk to your family about your final wishes

Posted on May 15, 2023 by Stumpff Funeral Home & Crematory under cremation services
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cremation services in South Coffeyville, OKUnfortunately, when a loved one dies and memorial plans are not made ahead of time, the remaining family is left to deal with the emotional and financial hardship of preparing for the funeral the days after the death. But, with a little forethought and open communication, you may give your family peace of mind that they will have all they need to carry out your ultimate wishes after you’re gone.

Knowing that this is a crucial talk does not make it any easier. Here are some pointers and suggestions for breaking the ice and bringing up the matter with the people you care about:

Don’t just drop such a hefty topic on someone without first running it through your thoughts. Blurting it out is preferable to not talking about it at all. But ideally, you may schedule a time to sit down and have a detailed chat, or with the help of cremation services in South Coffeyville, OK.

Change your approach

Everyone is unique, and perhaps you have some idea of what your loved one will be most open to. Some people, for example, enjoy using comedy when discussing difficult matters. This type of individual may prefer to keep things lighthearted and pleasant.

Appeal to their needing for control.

Every human being desires some level of control over their own lives. These dialogues provide a person a sense of control, even though they are unable to make decisions for themselves at the time.

Begin with Five Questions.

These useful questions are an excellent place to begin thinking about your personal arrangement ideas. Consider sharing your decisions with your family and learning their reactions as well.

  1. Do I wish to be cremated, buried, or otherwise disposed of?
  2. Do I want people to say goodbye the regular way or in a unique way?
  3. Do I want a large crowd to say goodbye, or simply a small group of close friends and family?
  4. What are my most crucial final wishes for my family to know?
  5. Which funeral home do I want my family to use after I die?

It is never too early to notify your family about your final desires. Take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. Perhaps it comes up in a big way, such as following the death of a family member or when changing your will. It is more likely to appear in a tiny, everyday context, such as a movie or an article you read.

Thinking about and discussing your intentions is an excellent initial step, but you are not finished preparing your final preparations until you have purchased your funeral or memorial services. Your family will have peace of mind knowing that the decisions and finances have been taken care of, and they will be able to focus on honoring your final wishes in the way you would have desired.cremation services in South Coffeyville, OK

Why does it matter to talk about death?

These are some of the most crucial conversations we can have. This is why:

  • They enable us to develop a care plan that respects a person’s values and aspirations.
  • They assist families in reducing the stress and shame involved with having to make those decisions for someone when they are unsure of their preferences.
  • They can make some individuals feel less afraid about the end of their lives since they know they will still have a say in how things unfold. It also helps to know that someone will be advocating for them.
  • They are empowering for all parties involved.

Cremation services in South Coffeyville, OK can match you to the funeral, memorial, or celebration that’s suitable for you after you answer a few short questions about yourself. You’ll discover that getting started is even enjoyable. Find out what’s best for you here.

Making arrangements and purchasing, is straightforward, takes only a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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